Becoming a model is not something I planned but rather something that just happened, I had been encouraged countless times by some of my friends to at least consider it. I had my reservations about the profession and was therefore reluctant to give it a shot, but all that changed since I relocated from South Africa to Botswana.


In May this year I found myself at a photo-shoot for KRAVE MAGAZINE filling in for a misplaced model. I wasn't too sure about what I was doing and had a few awkward moments in font of the camera that reassured me that this was not the job for me, but when I saw the final edits from the monochrome shoot...hmmm... I was impressed. The pictures were amazing!! and the thought of them ending up in a fashion mag was pretty exciting.

Unfortunately the launch of the magazine has been halted, but hopefully I'll get my hands on the hard copy soon.


This (below) is the final copy of what was printed in the newspapers for a local telecommunications company. The actual photo-shoot was quick and very professional. I was especially impressed by the hi-tech equipment used by the photographer, Igor, from Image Lounge. Working with this guy was awesome.


the owner of the brand and blog Haus of Kings, Uyapo Ketogetswe, is a very good friend of mine. We met a few months ago on campus and have since developed a very good friendship based on our common love for fashion. He blogs about it 24/7 and is pretty much responsible for getting me started with my own Online Diary.

Uyapo caught up with me and other models at the Botwana Fashion Week 2011 Promo Shoot with a camera in his hand, ready to snap a few shots for his Street Style column on HOK. this is what he had to say about my look for the day:

"David Billboard participated in the Botswana Fashion Week Promo Shoot and received a lot of attention from the organizers and other models. Sporting a smart-casual look, he did best with a yellow shirt (colour trend alert), salt-grey skinny jeans and an aviator-inspired jacket. I particularly liked the contrast that his wristbands created, with all black on one wrist and colour on the other."

I pop in to the Haus of Kings Street Style page every now and then to see whats good on campus, in the streets and on the runways.


This is by far the biggest highlight of my career so far. As stressful as it was doing the Botswana Fashion Week, I'm glad that this is where I made my debut to runway modeling. Being a part of this event opened up a few doors for me, introduced me to some really interesting people and gave me a few extra things to look forward to. Unfortunately, this is the only professional picture I have from the event


As one of the TOP4 models from the Botwana Fashion Week, I got to take part in a photo-shoot for Kutlwano Magazine last weekend, organised by the management team of BFW. The article will feature the TOP4 models and TOP5 desingers as voted for by international judges and will be published in the November 2011 issue of the mag. I'm too proud of myself for this one!!

The really interesting part is that all these 'firsts' happened within the first two months of my modeling career, and with all the projects I still have lined up, it all seems a bit too unreal. Pinch me!